St. Petersburg, FL — Palms of Pasadena Hospital is proud to announce the opening of the only Acute Care For The Elderly (ACE) Unit in Pinellas County. As part of our Caring Connection program, the ACE Unit focuses on the unique needs of older adults, and promotes function, independence and dignity.

Many care processes do not work for seniors in the same way they do with younger patients, and hospitalization may be a difficult period. Patients may be weaker or have difficulty managing their affairs after they are discharged. The ACE model seeks to improve the functional abilities of hospitalized geriatric patients while simultaneously reducing their length of stay.

Patients are managed by an interdisciplinary geriatric team, and evidence based order sets specific to the senior population are used. As part of care, each patient’s cognitive and psychological status is evaluated and a personalized plan of care is developed.

Every patient is evaluated by a clinical pharmacist to assure careful medication selection to reduce side effects. Hearing loss, sight impairment, mobility and fall risk is assessed and each patient is provided individual assistance.

To learn more about Caring Connection and our ACE Unit, please contact Judy Goetz, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at (727) 341-7545.