Intensive care unit in St. Petersburg, Florida

No one ever plans to be a patient in the intensive care unit (ICU), but if injury or illness occurs, our physicians and nurses are here to care for you. Palms of Pasadena Hospital has two ICUs offering critical care medicine to a total of 18 beds where critically ill or injured patients receive advanced care and around-the-clock monitoring.

To learn more about our ICU, please call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (855) 245-8328.

A patient may be admitted to the ICU for a variety of reasons, such as after being diagnosed with a disease or illness, experiencing a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) or recovering from surgery.

Multidisciplinary care in the ICU

Every patient in the ICU has unique needs, which is why we implement a multidisciplinary approach to make sure each patient has access to specialty care. The team in our ICU is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare while treating patients with the utmost compassion and respect.

The nurses' workstation in the ICU is conveniently located right outside the patient rooms. This enables our nursing staff to respond quickly to emergency situations and other patient needs.

Our ICU staff is made up of a range of healthcare professionals, including:

  • Dietitians
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical therapists
  • Registered nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Social services workers

Coordinated critical care

The ICUs at our hospital are equipped with advanced patient monitoring systems. Our monitoring equipment ensures nurses remain constantly informed on every patient's vital signs and alerts our staff if any changes in condition are detected.

Our hospital uses electronic medical records, which allows authorized staff members to instantly access up-to-date patient information. This means physicians can stay informed on their patients' conditions from anywhere they have secure internet access—in the hospital, in the office or even at home.

ICU visitor information

There are no set hours for friends and family to visit the ICU. Visitors may check in with the nurses' station on the third floor to be admitted to the ICU for visitation.

For visitors arriving after 8:00pm, please enter through the emergency room (ER) entrance and security personnel will handle check-in. Our ICU is a locked unit.

For the well-being and safety of our patients, we ask that visitors with cold and/or flu symptoms refrain from visiting. Additionally, we follow strict hand cleansing protocols, including hand sanitizer application when entering and exiting a patient's room.